In today’s digital world, modern society has developed a culture that strives for and actually expects perfection, particularly in regards to body image. With the boom of social media, we, including myself, can find ourselves comparing and scrutinizing over the images portrayed online. I have felt like a failure, less than, and lacked self-love as a result of this facade. But no longer! It’s time to take back our power, and learn to #RockTheSkinYouAreIn!

For those that don’t know my story, apparently I have even been seen as someone with a “perfect” physique, and one that just naturally has it together. Until of course, I pull out my “before” pictures, and share the struggles I have experienced throughout my life with Binge Eating Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and Depression. And then it’s almost like people are relieved to know that I’m not just genetically gifted, and have had to fight & claw to overcome my inner demons.

“Perfect” physique?! Far from it! Due to my 40+ lb weight loss, my skin sags and I have stretch marks. See for yourself in the featured image. Both photos were taken at the same shoot, just in different settings with alternate poses.  I used to get really self-conscious, and embarrassed when photographers wanted to do particular poses that I knew the excessive skin would show in. I’d try to pull my pants up higher to cover it, or suck in my stomach (which, by the way, just made it sag more!). Now I simply let them know, that due to my weight loss, I have extra skin that hangs from my belly, and that certain positions just aren’t as flattering. I have learned to OWN IT! And #RockTheSkinIAmIn!

There is absolutely NOTHING I can do to get rid of the skin, unless I was to undergo surgery to remove it. Even when I have six-pack abs, I still have that layer of excess skin that covers them. Some people might see this as a flaw, but it actually reminds me of where I was and just how far I have come! And besides, I would MUCH rather have that extra skin than the extra 40+ lbs I used to carry! If that’s the trade-off, I’ll take it!

If you find yourself trying to size up against what you see online and in the media, please stop. I understand looking to certain individuals for motivation and inspiration, but when you start to feel BAD about yourself…I’m pretty sure that it is no longer serving its purpose or you! Surround yourself with images, people, and an environment that fosters self-love & acceptance, no matter what your pant size or number on the scale. Learn to LOVE all your perceived “flaws”, and go out and #RockTheSkinYouAreIn!

I would love to see your confidence and radiance shine through in all of the images you post online! Be sure to hashtag #RockTheSkinYouAreIn! Join the Movement! Until next time…

Love and Light,