What a Waste!

Every time I see a woman wearing a waist trainer on social media, my blood literally starts to boil! I  had to stop to think why these images elicited such a strong response. Upon deep introspection this is what I came up with… It takes me back to my stage days when I was first introduced to this contraption. A time when my body dysmorphia was at it’s peak, and my self image was at it’s lowest. Strange, right? A time when I was in the “best” physical shape of my life, and yet I struggled internally just as much as I did when I was in the height of my Binge Eating Disorder. I really don’t know what’s worse? Being stage ready and beating myself for not being able to maintain that look as my walk around physique? Or being obese and hating myself for not having the discipline to stay consistent with a eating cleaner? Trying to find a happy medium is something I continue to work towards. I surely have come miles and miles from my competition days. But I digress. Back to the my enraging reaction to these corsets…

I realized that the “squeem” just confirms the notion that you aren’t good enough just the way you are. Your god-given, genetic shape isn’t good enough. You have to have a 22-inch waist to “win” in physique shows . The way I see it, if you can do all of the food prep, weighing & measuring, restricting of certain foods, and hours upon weeks upon months of blood, sweat, & tears in the gym, then you my friend, have already WON! I now realize that I, personally, should have never ventured into the world of competing. After a lifetime of living with body image issues, and disordered eating, this was a space I had no place being in; for obvious reasons! (Just something to consider if you are thinking about taking the plunge!)

While I know there will be several people that won’t share my same opinion regarding these waist trainers, you do have wonder why you would you want to “change” just to fit into a particular physique “mold?”  That is beyond me. I mean we were all put on this  earth as unique individuals with varying shapes & sizes for a reason. What a mundane world it would be without some diversity. And besides no one does a better job at being you than YOU…just the way you are!

Love & Light,