About Me

My name is Tawny Clark, and my passion is spreading awareness about Binge Eating Disorder. I have struggled with my weight and binge eating for much of my life. But I wasn’t officially diagnosed until 2010 following my first fitness competition.

As a former competitor, I have witnessed such disordered eating in the fitness industry that I believe it is time we address it. And to give those a sense of hope in knowing that our past does not define us. We have can make the choice to come forward share our stories, and seek help. Together we can use the strength from our struggles to move forward in getting help, and starting our journey in recovery.

Not only do I find joy in helping others, but I also love taking care of my French Bulldog, Bella. She can make me smile by simply looking at her. The unconditional love I have for my baby girl is like no other. She is forever in my heart.