Hello. Welcome to tawnyclark.com. Thank you for joining me. I am really excited about the launch of my new website! It’s something I have always wanted do, but just never actually DID! Along with always wanting to start a blog but never taking the time to sit down and write it! I had voices of self doubt that would say things like: “What do you possibly have to say that people want to read about anyway?” Or “you’re just like the next girl…you have nothing unique to offer.” Um, WRONG!

I recently attended Lori Harder’s Bliss Project in Newport Beach, CA, and my life is forever changed! That weekend was spent with over 200 amazing women who ALL had incredible stories, dreams, and aspirations, including me! But the common thread that bound us all was the desire to learn to love ourselves completely as we are, and to serve & help others. I am so passionate about spreading awareness about binge eating disorder among the fitness community, and I am here to do just that! I know that this illness is rampant, and we just don’t talk enough about it or at all really! I was reluctant to share my story initially too. But I realized that it was my responsibility to come out of the shadows, talk about my experience, and connect with those who are also struggling. This disease has taken me to sad, isolated, lonely places, and if I can spare just one person from having to go through that…I will have served my purpose. 

So, I’ve decided to make the conscious CHOICE to stop playing those old tapes of doubt. I have replaced them with new affirmations of courage, gratitude, love & strength. And I am here to share my story.  Whether you have diagnosed Binge Eating Disorder, another form of disorderly eating, or an ongoing struggle with your weight, I know that we can rise above it together! I want to provide you with real life resolutions, tips, and tactics to move forward in your life, and share some insight into what has helped me in my recovery. We all have a past, but it does not define who we are TODAY, in this moment. We are NOT our stories. 

If there is anything specific that you would like me to address in future blogs. Please leave your comments below. Until next time…

Love & Light,