My Healthy Lifestyle Makeover!

I was having a conversation with my mom this past week about how caring for my puppy, Bella has completely changed who I am, and improved my healthy lifestyle. I know what you’re thinking, how on earth? But, yes, it has transferred over to all aspects of my life & relationships; Including my past neurosis with my food timing, food prep, workouts, and rigidity to MY schedule.

Being single, having no children, and having no one to answer to, really put all the focus on me, and what I wanted, how I wanted it & when! Can you say, Self-centered?! I can remember times when I would prep, cook, measure & package my food, and if I would be eating in front others, do not think for one second that I would offer any to anyone else. How dare you mess up my macros by taking a piece of perfectly portioned four ounces?! Tragedy, right? My goodness! There are starving people in this country, and I couldn’t even spare a piece of chicken? You would have thought it was my last meal! Enter the love of my life, Miss Bella. When I prep and cook now with my little Boo Boo at my heels, without a thought I always give her whatever I’m making. As long as she sits like she has been trained, the last thing on my mind is my macros. All I want to do is make that little bundle of joy, happy!

You’ve heard of the word “hangry,” right? Yep. Look it up in the Urban Dictionary, and I’m sure my picture is there! For those of you who may not know, it’s the combination of being hungry & angry due to lack of food. So yes, if I didn’t have my perfectly timed meal within the two & half – three hour window I had planned, watch out! These days, I come home from work pretty hungry, but the first thing I do is feed Bella. She is my #1 priority, and I would do anything to make my Baby Girl happy!

I have always been one to go to the gym as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning. I typically workout on an empty stomach, and doing anything prior to my workout would just prolong my next meal. Read: Hangry! But knowing that my Little Girl relies on me to go out to go potty in the morning, I take her outside for a walk prior to my gym time. So, it delays my breakfast. Just looking at Bella makes me smile. And say it isn’t so…I actually forget all about breaking the fast!

Do not get me wrong, raising a puppy in the dead of winter at eight weeks of age was no walk in the park! According the my mom, who babysat at 10 weeks, it was more difficult than caring for her new born children! In my times off frustration, my mom will say, “well you would never get rid of her, would you?” Of course not! She is the love of my life! And that wholehearted love is what I will ALWAYS have her. So despite the momentary irritation we may have with a spouse, significant other, or family member, I think it’s important to remember a lesson such as this. If you love someone unconditionally, you will see beyond the imperfections, and love inexplicably with all of your heart!

As Ben Carson said, “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get but from what we give.” Caring for Bella is proof positive that putting others before ourselves is the true meaning of happiness. So you see, being a caretaker for an animal, CAN improve your life for the better! That little puppy brings so much joy to my life, and I thank God each & everyday for bringing her into my life! Until next time…

Love & Light,